2019 Birthday Bonanza!

2019 Birthday Bonanza!

It’s my birthday and every year as a gift to you lovely newsletter readers, I send out a huge list of sci-fi and fantasy books that are either free, 0.99, or included in Kindle Unlimited.

I used to put all the books in an email to you beautiful people but some email services block emails with ‘too many’ links … and we’ve got over 60 this year, so I’ve put them all on this page.

Click on the cover to be taken to the download/purchase page.

Happy reading!

Free Books

 Winter Trials, K S Marsden  

   Outpost Delta-Three, Thomas Webb

The Defender of Rebel Falls, Erik Christensen  

99c Books

Magically Marked, Fatima Bader   

  The Cursed Girl, Maria Vermisoglou Cataclysm Epoch, Paul Heingarten

  Symmetry, TM Caruana Kiss of Crimson, Samantha Coville & Fionn Jameson

Shadow's Hand, Noelle Nichols   




Included with Kindle Unlimited



 The Charmed Locket, Elina Vale Save Yourself, S Breaker 

 Magister's Bane, Yvette Bostic 


  The Harvest, KB Benson Lurking in the Woods, Anne Stryker